Training Structure

Our Club Team's instructional program will be broken down into 6 components: Pre-Season Sundays, Mandatory Training Camp, Wednesday Practices, Thursday Pre-Game sessions, individual lessons, and tournaments. Each has a specific goal and all 6 are critical for individual and team development.​

Pre-Season Sunday sessions will be our first set of meetings before we dive into the Summer. We will train, but our main focus is to build chemistry by allowing guys to meet.

Mandatory Training Camp
 will take place May 28th - June 1st and will focus on the teams strategy implementation. The goal is to create a foundation of team concepts that will be used throughout the summer.

Mid-Summer Wednesdays
 will hammer fundamentals while reviewing specific game situations from previous tournaments. With most of the tournaments scheduled on the weekends, these Wednesday sessions allow us to be high intensity and physically demanding on the players.

Pre-Game Thursdays will emphasize skill work and mentally prepare the player for the upcoming tournament. We review team concepts, clear up any questions and go over tournament logistics.

Private Lessons
Every player will receive 2 private lessons, instructed by one of our coaches, throughout the summer. 

Tournaments will serve as the platform for players to apply the lessons they learned during previous training sessions. We want our players to become comfortable in games while preforming individual techniques they were taught by our coaching staff.