When: June 9th, 2019

Where: Harvard Gulch Park (Football Stadium)

Application Link:

Previous Showcase Recruiters

We are very excited to announce that The 2019 Summer Showcase is on the horizon. This is a huge opportunity for the kids that are going to be involved. With this showcase, we have developed a unique experience to highlight our best players on a small enough scale.  This showcase provides many recruiting advantages. First, it is a highly selective process. The players we choose will best represent their respective teams. Secondly, the small scale of this event puts the player in direct contact and communication with multiple college coaches. Also, a focus of the college coaching staff will be to help develop each players technique and understanding of their position through individual feedback and coaching. This gives players a unique take on their position and ways to mature their game to ensure they are setup for success at the next level. 

We encourage all players who are interested to fill out an application for coaches consideration. Only 80 players will be asked to participate in The Showcase. Not only should a player consider this as a great compliment, but it is sure to be an outstanding recruiting opportunity as well as an event that will encourage player development.

If interested please click on the link below to apply. Invites will then be e-mailed with further directions and information.

Application Link: