"Playing for the Wild/Fire was one of my greatest lacrosse experiences. Not only did I have a blast, meet great people, but improved as a lacrosse player. Nate Watkins took me in and helped with my skills on a personal level as well as a team level, running systems and improving my lacrosse iq. It's not often you find a club with great kids and coaches like the fire"

Max Tuttle, Sacred Heart '19

Castle View '15

"Throughout the years that I played on club lacrosse teams I never found somewhere that amounted to my time spent with Nate & Kyle. It is everything that you want not only from a players perspective, but from a parents as well. Nate is highly connected in the lacrosse world. His connections within the high school and even more importantly college lacrosse community provide a huge help for a player that is going through the recruiting process. Nate has managed to capture everything that is important for a successful summer program, while also maintaining a level of enjoyment for players. Some club teams that I had played on were so focused on the recruiting aspect of the summer circuit, but forgot to implement the enjoyment side of things. Something that I think was very helpful while I played for Nate was his hands on coaching strategy that he takes into every practice and game. He is very involved in developing each and every one of his players. Not only is Nate great with this, but the coaches that he hires are all also great with player development. With Nate's knowledge of the game and connections in the lacrosse world he has been able to hand pick certain events to take his teams to that certainly provide the best chance for players to be seen by college scouts and coaches. I can truly say that playing for Nate was one of the most enjoyable times that I have had throughout my entire lacrosse career."

Wilkins Dismuke, Johns Hopkins'17

Rock Canyon '13

"The Colorado Fire program is one of the most underrated clubs teams in the country and is raising the level of play through out the West. The Fire coaching staff helped me not only with mental aspect of the game but individual and physical parts as well. Kids get a healthy dose of high level coaching with the relax and calm aspect that lets kids grow at their own pace and allows them to still have fun. Without Colorado fire I do not know where I would be today."
"Nate, you were the only one that believed in me for awhile. I'll represent!"

Asher Nolting, High Point '21

Cherry Creek '17