As we wrap up another great year for the Colorado Fire. I want to thank everyone involved for their commitment to making The Fire the best program it can be. From our coaching staff to our parents, we all have 1 common goal; give the kids the absolute best experience possible.
Building on 2017 and continuing to improve our operations, its important we start planning for the upcoming Summer, please find the following information useful. 

4 TEAMS(19 Roster Max)
Fire On The Mountain

*Tryouts for 2021s on January 15th, 2018.

Each year we assemble a group of HS freshmen that we plan to keep together throughout their HS career.

A google and twitter account will help you stay up on the latest news/info. 
Calendar Link: http://www.colaxacademy.com/calendar.html
Twitter Handle: @cofirelax

Kickoff Classic/Under Armour Tryouts(June 3-4)
Colorado Cup(June 8-10)
Denver Shootout(June 15-17)
Vail Tournament(June 18-20)

Inside Lacrosse Invitational(July 9-11) MD
FLG In 3D(July 13-15) DE

@ Harvard Gulch Park, Denver
March 4th, May 6th
*@ Holy Family HS, Broomfield
April 8th, May 20th

@ Harvard Gulch Park, Denver
May 28th - June 1st 

June 6th, June 13th, June 27th

May 31st, June 7th, June 14th, July 5th

*This Summer we will have a few practices at Holy Family HS in Broomfield to help with travel. 
If you have a specific # you wish to have this summer then please use the uniform link and fill out the form by this Sunday. If not, no big deal, we will just assign you a #.  We will have Under Armour shorts similar to last year.
Uniform Link: http://goo.gl/forms/ObXw8RvW0v

We are traveling east and participating in 2 recruiting tournaments, in one trip. The Inside Lacrosse Invitational(July 9-11) in Maryland & FLG in 3d(July 13-15) in Delaware. More details will be sent in January. 

Everyone is on their own for travel to Vail; we treat vail as a local tournament. Let us know if you need any help finding housing.

REGISTRATION(Instructions below in the grey box):

Prices increase on the 1st and 15th of each month(3-5%), rewarding those who commit early. Early commitments allow us to get ahead of our expenses and pay them in a timely manor.

If you need help with registration/dues/etc, please contact Simone at adielsimone@gmail.com.  She will get back to you within 24 hours.

Feel free to give me a call with any questions. No big deal if you can not play with us this summer, just let me know. The roster is attached. 


Nate Watkins
303-437-6467 | nwatkins35@gmail.com
colaxacademy.com | cofirelax.com | pumpkinshootout.com 


Our Club Team's instructional program will be broken down into 6 components: Pre-Season Sundays, Mandatory Training Camp, Wednesday Practices, Thursday Pre-Game sessions, individual lessons, and tournaments. Each has a specific goal and all 6 are critical for individual and team development.​

Pre-Season Sunday sessions will be our first set of meetings before we dive into the Summer. We will train, but our main focus is to build chemistry by allowing guys to meet.

Mandatory Training Camp will take place May 28th - June 1st and will focus on the teams strategy implementation. The goal is to create a foundation of team concepts that will be used throughout the summer.

Mid-Summer Wednesdays will hammer fundamentals while reviewing specific game situations from previous tournaments. With most of the tournaments scheduled on the weekends, these Wednesday sessions allow us to be high intensity and physically demanding on the players.

Pre-Game Thursdays will emphasize skill work and mentally prepare the player for the upcoming tournament. We review team concepts, clear up any questions and go over tournament logistics.


Private Lessons
Every player will receive 2 private lessons, instructed by one of our coaches, throughout the summer. 


Tournaments will serve as the platform for players to apply the lessons they learned during previous training sessions. We want our players to become comfortable in games while preforming individual techniques they were taught by our coaching staff.