Team: $1250

Free Agent: $175 
Venmo @Nate-Watkins-11

HS Divisions: JV & Varsity

Guaranteed 5 pool-play & 2 playoff games (7 total) over the 4 week period. 


8 on 8 RULES
​Field is 90 yds x 45yds

Flags/time served on all penalties 

Backup is awarded to the closest player on a shot

NO Face-Off after a goal. 

• Onside Rules are in effect – min. 2 players on offense and 3 on defense at all times. • Minimum of two and maximum of three long sticks on the field at a time.

• During the game, all substitutions are on the fly; players must step completely off of the field before a teammate enters the playing field.

• No body-checking, as players must play the ball at all times. If this happens, teams will receive a penalty for unnecessary roughness.

• After a goal is scored there will be a face-off.

• Games consist of two 22-minute halves with a 3-minute halftime, running time. STOP TIME will be played for the last 3 minutes of the second half only if the score difference is 5 or less. Time will be kept by a referee.

• Each team is allotted one timeout per game.

• A game ending tied is decided by a sudden victory Braveheart game .